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Myv Wishing you were here

New Here

Posted by fuctrack on 08.06.2010 at 11:50
Hey i'm Reiko (and YES i know my reputation in NZ sucks wad, people don't have to remind me lol - I'm learning to try and rebuild it x.x hopefully)

but yea, i'm the owner and founder of Oshare Curry (a project which is NOT related to NZVC or VCNZ if anyone knows about those. Also not related to Cosplay NZ) :D and i'm A BIG X-Japan fan, i've lived in Dunedin Off and on for about oh god x.x 8 years now? I'm from Minnesota, my mother and i moved to NZ in 99, i think the government's been trying to get rid of us ever since (JUST JOKING! :) we're legal!)

I have (count it!) five hide plushies, several hide cd's lol... (er dvd's) and posters. I'm an asian studies student at Otago (yea i know, again my reputation sucks wad here, we dont have to go over this)

I'm the (ex) vice president of a club that used to or may STILL exist i'm not sure, but i haven't sorted their website out after i resigned the other day LOL. (I left on good terms, my assignments piled up XD)

<3 I hope to share knowledge here eventually ? <3


neko_assasin at 2010-06-09 09:42 (UTC) (Link)
yo welcome~

This community is like tres quiet, theres not much 'action'.

I don't know you Reiko, but i guess nice to meet you?

Hanako and the PretzelKarma system
fuctrack at 2010-06-11 09:06 (UTC) (Link)
tres quiet probably cause Lj doesnt have that many NZ jrock fans XD - I also run OShare Curry i think i said, and i'm constantly hooking up to see if people are interested in it.

Xx;; other than that, i got exams ... and a massive headache XD... and i'm having a vodka mudshake (mom said it's kinda nuts if i'm trying to study, but i gave up after my headache came on.)
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