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A place for all fans of JRock in New Zealand

See Hyde? We do exist!

JRock New Zealand
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All Members , Moderated
Well well, its about time we had a Jrock community for NZ, so here we are!!!

"See Hyde!! we DO exist!!"

Here we can talk about Jrock, post JRock related stories, and just generally hang out and hopefully get the New Zealand JRock community banding together. Anything is cool here, so long as it's somewhat on topic. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. General discussion. Anything goes (within reason, and so long as it's relatively on topic of course.) Want to organise an event or meet up in your area? This is the place to do it.

2. Questions. Got something you want answered? Ask away.

3. Fanfics. Anything goes, but it MUST be behind a cut. Anything not behind a cut will be given a friendly reminder, and if it's not fixed will be deleted. Just be sure to give appropriate warnings, eg yaoi, non worksafe, overly sappy, that sort of thing.

4. Fanart. WE LOVE FANART, so post away. Same thing though - all images must be behind a cut, and warnings must be given (if required)

5. Pictures. Photos are ALL GOOD, because most of us secretly like to build up our folders. Same rule applies though - behind a cut blah blah blah. Also, if there are a lot, a warning for those on dialup would be nice too.

6. File sharing. This is ok. Just be sensible about it. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

7. Introduce yourself! We want to know what got you into JRock, who you like, all that sort of stuff. Just say hi! ^^

8. Anything else you feel fits this community. If you really aren't sure whether you should post something, please ask one of the mods. We won't bite, and chances are it'll be fine anyway.

The only thing really is to keep having fun! Who knows, maybe if we get enough of us together we can force some of them to acknowledge us and actually come down here!