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Myv Wishing you were here

New Here

Posted by fuctrack on 08.06.2010 at 11:50
Hey i'm Reiko (and YES i know my reputation in NZ sucks wad, people don't have to remind me lol - I'm learning to try and rebuild it x.x hopefully)

but yea, i'm the owner and founder of Oshare Curry (a project which is NOT related to NZVC or VCNZ if anyone knows about those. Also not related to Cosplay NZ) :D and i'm A BIG X-Japan fan, i've lived in Dunedin Off and on for about oh god x.x 8 years now? I'm from Minnesota, my mother and i moved to NZ in 99, i think the government's been trying to get rid of us ever since (JUST JOKING! :) we're legal!)

I have (count it!) five hide plushies, several hide cd's lol... (er dvd's) and posters. I'm an asian studies student at Otago (yea i know, again my reputation sucks wad here, we dont have to go over this)

I'm the (ex) vice president of a club that used to or may STILL exist i'm not sure, but i haven't sorted their website out after i resigned the other day LOL. (I left on good terms, my assignments piled up XD)

<3 I hope to share knowledge here eventually ? <3

aoi, gazette, jrock
Posted by madscary_george on 25.04.2010 at 21:01
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Sorry if this isnt allowed (and i have been posting a bit frequently) but i have an ad to err advertise
I found a group on facebook which needs more GazettE fans to join.
If any fans are interested (not that this community is very alive...) then here is the link.

Two language versions of Doremidan's interview have been updated today!!
Check it out!


JAPANplusに登場!現在は、このニューアルバムを引っ下げて ツアー「タイムマシンにのって」を行っている彼ら。この5人のドレミ團を見ることが出来るのは、このツアーが最後ということもあり、各地でライブは最高の 盛り上がりを見せている。そんなツアーのこと、そして、アルバムの聴きどころ、ファイナルへの意気込みを5人に聞いた。

■Doremidan Interview: New Album 'ドントレットミーダウン / Don't Let Me Down'
& Concert Tour 'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte'
Five Members Face the Future

In November Doremidan released their new album 'ドントレットミーダウン / Don't Let Me Down', and now they will appear in musicJAPANplus! Currently with the new album in tow they're on their concert tour 'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte [lit. 'Ride on Time Machine']'. It will be the last tour for the band with all five members, and they have been putting on exciting performances at every stop. [Bassist Shinji will leave the band after the final concert of the tour.] We asked the five artists about their tour, the key points of the album, and their thoughts on the final concert.

aoi, gazette, jrock

hello im new

Posted by madscary_george on 07.12.2009 at 15:25
Current Music: Cockroach - The GazettE
ive joined to meet other peope living in nz who actually know what jrock is as i have never before met anyone thats heard of it

- What sparked your interest in jrock?
i think it was when i heard the death note themes (nightmare) and then i some how found the gazette and feel in love

- If you had the chance to exchange places with a jrocker for a day, who would you be and why?
Ruki so i could arrange for them to come here

- During normal daylight hours, what do you do?
unfortunately i go to school, aotea college (in wellington/ porirua)
but in holidays i watch anime, read manga, see friends and fangirl

- Your dream occupation?
it changes all the time, right now its probably something to do with books, librarian maybe ^^

- Fav snacks?
chocolate, i also adore chocolate pocky but hardly ever get it

- A little about yourself
i live in porirua, thats near wellington, and i love jrock.
favourite bands are the gazette, dir en grey, alice nine and many others
im 15 (16 in march) but i try not to act like a stereotypical teenage girl (i was doing fine untill i found jrock) and im considered odd at my school, it could help that i hate the mainstream music thats so popular here.
i read in previous posts about the get together night, that would be awesome, when this place gets more active we should have one in wellington (i doubt i could get to auckland :( but id love to meet other fans)

sorry for the long post but i would love to get to know some people

aoi, gazette, jrock


Posted by madscary_george on 07.12.2009 at 14:54
Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: Hiai to Melancholy - Matenrou Opera
even though no body seems to be posting...

does anybody know were i can buy jrock (and visual kei) magazines other than international sites
are theyre any bookshops in nz which sell them?

i am very interested in a subscription to shoxx or other magazine, does anybody know if it is possible to subscribe in nz

thank you

yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

Pimping this out because I can

Posted by harucchi on 17.07.2009 at 16:04
Is anyone here a vistlip fan?
Forgot about this comm wtf

Tohya's sick, so...

✖ Tohya - 1000 cranes & fanletter project

Join up? D:

Looking for band members

Posted by edmz00 on 17.07.2009 at 16:41


I am currently in a band with a guitarist/ vocal and bass player have been covering some japanese ROCK e.g Despair Ray, Siam Shade, the gazette, l'arc en ciel, gackt, hyde and others etc.

We are located in Auckland and are capable to do most of the j rock songs and are looking for a Vocal (prefer  male) and  drummer to have some fun and maybe a gig in the near future .
If anyone is interested please add us on FaceBook or send me a post on live journal.

thanks ^.^


facebook links are here : 

www.facebook.com/edm.fung (mine)

www.facebook.com/fiorire (guitarist/ vocal)

mary sue = no


Posted by skullsproser on 20.02.2009 at 10:15
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Zwei - Hikari
- What sparked your interest in jrock?
Malice Mizer and lolita fashion. ^^;; Also Anime.

- If you had the chance to exchange places with a jrocker for a day, who would you be and why?
Waka, because I love her voice and her style, and she's a bit silly.

- During normal daylight hours, what do you do?
Art school.

- Your dream occupation?
Comic artist, tee shirt designer, album cover artist, most things to do with art.

- Fav snacks?
Oh geez.....lately I've been eating way too many peanut butter cups.

- How did you come across this com?
Search tool.

- A little about yourself ^^"
I live in wellington, I study art at TLC. Gemini. I love cartoons, comics, art, music, books, movies, odd fashions. I don't like racism, homophobia, the National Party, sexism, reality. 
My favourite bands are Zwei, Moi dix Mois, An cafe, Alice Nine, Danger*Gang, The Candy Spooky Theater, and lots of others but I've been out of the loop so long I can't remember them. 
Um yeah ask me whatever else you want to know.

Posted by iluvanimes on 08.02.2009 at 23:53
Hai ^.^*
I recently discovered this community, which I think is great, because IMO Jrock is way under appreciated here, and I only know one person IRL that likes Visual Kei......TT
Ne, lets be friends
- What sparked your interest in jrock?
I watched death note, fell in love with the first OP and ED, wearched it up, and fell in love with Nightmare....
- If you had the chance to exchange places with a jrocker for a day, who would you be and why?
I'd exchange places with Yomi (vocalist of Nightmare), cause I'm totally inlove with his voice, plus I'd like very much to meet the other members of my favourite band.
- During normal daylight hours, what do you do?
I go to school. This is my first year in Westlake Girls.
- Your dream occupation?
VK rock aritst(can't say Jrocker cause I ain't a Jap) or a writer of long, think fiction novels that are boring, but best sellers
- Fav snacks?
Uh....It's take waaaaaay too long to list them all, but my absolute favourite is water melon, in about 2cm squared cubes, fresh out of the fridge*weird, huh*
- How did you come across this com?
Uh...I was search for jcrack, but I found this instead *sweatdrop*
- A little about yourself ^^"
Well...What can I say....I am 13, goes to High school, likes Visual Kei, is a rabid Nightmare fangirl, has a freaky obsession with blood(but gets grossed out by guts and thinks skeletons are tasteless decorations) and vampires. Loves to read. Likes the Lolita style, especially gosuloli. er...I am considered a weirdo by my friend because I read the book Lolita, by vladimir nabokov, and told her to read it. I like that book, but uh....only in the closet...*hides from the bricks*

*Uh...I'm er....coughfatcough*

I am pretty much a loser with no life, but uh...Lets be friends, ne?
*also mangles what little Japanese she knows into a unrecognizable mess*
One thing I'd like to ask is why the hyde comment in the banner/header?

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