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Posted by milkyun on 10.01.2009 at 21:49
It's like a bit of a dream- but, which Jrock band would you like to see in New Zealand?
The only japanese rock band that i'bve known to ever play was the King Brothers, which was in Wellington at the San francisco bathhouse.

I would love to see daizystripper or 12012, but...that's very dream-like :c

yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

Okay, so...

Posted by harucchi on 06.01.2009 at 13:32
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
I was wondering, since I'm taking this year off studying
If anyone would be interested in learning guitar?

clicky please D:Collapse )

but hey, it's JRock related somehow.. xD

curry, frustated, raccoon hat

can i also reply to the QUESTIONS...

Posted by 29curry on 13.09.2008 at 14:13
Hope i'm not to late for that.......

- What sparked your interest in jrock?
At first i was only interested in Laruku(everyone seem to like them those days) and Gackt(because his relationship with HYDE) but then i got bored of it and decided to try new jrock stuff...such as Janne Da Arc and Gazette, and because the many cover band playing jrock songs in my country it keeps me coming for more...

- If you had the chance to exchange places with a jrocker for a day, who would you be and why?
ummmmm........no one really~ but if you insist, maybe HYDE, i want to know how's his life with his wife and i want to see his son/daughter/whatever the gender of his child is~haha

- During normal daylight hours, what do you do?
i'm a high school student, so i go to school...at school i keep on relating everything with jrock, animanga, or BL...but not outloud

- Your dream occupation?
successful mangaka! (who gets money~)

- Fav snacks?
chocolate? anything that interests me on the time.

- How did you come across this com?
i was looking for NZ com in LJ that interested in jrock...and i found this~ i haven't been really active though

- A little about yourself ^^"
i'm a girl, who's in an exchange year in New Zealand. i come from Indonesia, with the hope of meeting someone who like the same stuff as i do, but sadly none in Cambridge so far. so i'm really excited that my hostparents allow me to go to Auckland for Armageddon~ (anyone going there? i want to meet!! XD). back home i do cosplay. Have been studying Jap for 3 yrs, and at last now i can speak it a bit(yea it took me a while~). i like Reita(Gaz) & Yukihiro(larc) & Tora(Arisu) & JanneDaArc's vocalist(voice only)...i like BL, and i draw...Music isn't really my thing but i'm trying guitar at the moment.

yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins


Posted by harucchi on 03.09.2008 at 18:01
.......how many people here are hyped about PSC Tour and are going to get it...???

C'mon, I know there are Gaze lovers here somewhere... I think.........

ALSO! To black_catxiii
....would you mind sharing the LUNA SEA disco on jrockxstar?
(srsly, there's not even X Japan but they have hide o_O)

And to make this even less pointless,
SPEED DISK are gaining a lot of bands

They've signed Ap(r)il and VanessA, if anyone else is interested in the Indies these days...

Help! need a great hair stylist...

Posted by togetoneko on 17.08.2008 at 10:32
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Ok, ive thought about this forever, and ive decided to get a full blown j-rock haircut - styled and dyed, the works. eek. So, can anyone recommend a good hairstylist who wont be scared off making my hair look like this:

gulp...Collapse )

SID - Hoshi No Miyako

Posted by togetoneko on 10.08.2008 at 12:37
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Dir en grey - Yokan | Scrobbled by Last.fm
Hi everyone,

Recently uploaded SID - Hoshi no miyako for someone, but if anyone else would like to hear it,
Here it is...Collapse )


Posted by lcpdragonslayer on 25.07.2008 at 00:55
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Nightmare - Flora
If you're a fan of D, my friend uploaded a shitload of their stuff (which should still be working) and put the links up on her LJ for me:


Help yourself.



Posted by neko_assasin on 20.07.2008 at 18:23
heeeey guys..

would someone be nice enough to upp me the returner pv by gackt?

tee hee


yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

Oiiiiiiii XD

Posted by harucchi on 06.07.2008 at 16:24
Hey guys, this be xxkatanaxx  on her fan fic account
(...I like. Live on this now XD)

Just here to er -cough- promote some translation comms 8D


No I don't translate at Ayabie, but well...
Yumehito spam is just too much love xDDDDDDDD;

masato and all of Tarrot (atm) is my responsibility, na

Join up XD!

-goes back to writing-

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